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Documentary Film 24' I Super 16mm Film I 2011

A shepherd, his flock, his dogs, his donkeys, and his truck. A portrait of a shepherd during his winter transhumance in German-speaking Switzerland. The film focuses on the relationships between humans and animals, humans and nature, and between animals.

Directed and Cinematography by I Alexandra Sabathé

Editing I Camille Guyot

Sound Engineer I Nassim El Mounabbhih

Sound Editing I Lionel Guenoun

Production I La Fémis - Graduation Film, Department of Cinematography


Filmer le Travail Festival, Poitiers 2013

Bangkok International Student Film Festival 2012

Nominated for Best Cinematography at the Gold Panda Awards of 2011 Sichuan TV Festival

Traces de Vies Festival, Clermont-Ferrand 2011

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