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Where Does White Go When the Snow Melts ?

Documentary Film 83' / 2022


Painters originating from the world of graffiti, emerging from illegality and a school known as "the streets," take over an administrative wasteland from the 1960s. They transform it into a labyrinth of shapes, installations, and paintings that envelop the viewer. An immersive dive into a colorful maze with highly unique artists.

Written and Directed by I Guillaume Kozakiewiez

Cinematography I Guillaume Kozakiewiez and Alexandra Sabathé

Sound I Maud Gallon and Etienne Foyer

Editing I Nicolas Peltier

Original Music I Eric Thomas

Sound Editing I Kinane Moualla

Color Grading I Grégory Rodriguez

Production I A perte de vue films (Colette Quesson)


Arte NonStop Film Festival Buenos Aires 2022, Argentina

Ottawa House of PainT Festival of Urban Arts and Culture, Canada

Out of Competition at Traces de Vies Festival Clermont-Ferrand 2022, Travelling Festival 2023, Quimper International Film Festival 2023, France

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