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Rachel Carson, the Mother of Ecology

Documentary 52' I 2021 


A scientist deeply in love with nature, Rachel Carson, published "Silent Spring" in 1962, a book that disrupted the political balance in power, gave birth to the environmental movement, and contributed to awakening the modern world to its relationship with nature. What fundamental role did this best-seller play in raising collective awareness to the point of becoming the starting point for a global environmental movement?


Directed by: Tamara Erde

Narration by I Sandrine Bonnaire

Director of Photography I Alexandra Sabathé

Cinematography: Alexandra Sabathé - Abie Troen - Denis Gaubert - Patrik Ontkovic - Jonathan Bloom

Sound I Benoît Guérinault, Laurent Malan, Maud Lafitte, Éric Taryné, Benedikt Arnason, Giovanni Corono

Editing I Matthieu Augustin

Animation I Elika Hedayat

Color Grading I Thibaut Pétillon

Sound Editing I Nathan Montrobert

Production I Elda Productions

Broadcast on ARTE France 2021

Green Film Festival 2021

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