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Fata Morgana

Fiction - 18' - Super 16 film - 2012 

A woman appears, either asleep or dead. Fata Morgana is a dream. There's the sea and nature, which is beautiful and deadly, in its silence. The sun, radiating without words, burns.

Screenplay - Direction - Editing: Jeanne Lafon

Starring: Amélie Blachot

Director of Photography: Alexandra Sabathé

Sound Engineer: Frédéric Marquilly

Sound Editing: Maxence Ciekawy, Rémi Mencucci, Jérémy Morelle

Mixing: Marc Pernet

Production Manager: Jacky Lautem

Production: Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts

Panorama 15, group exhibition, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France, 2012

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