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Creative documentary - 10' - 2017 - 35mm film

Three words, on the flank of an infinity of bricks. They have different ages. They were formed during interviews with the residents of the place. "What do you see when you are at the window?" They look towards the color, towards the point where the road begins, at the place of thirst, in the desert and on the sea. Three times, the road has struck this architectural reef, a paradigm of a radiant modernity immediately erased, known as a housing block.

Director-Writing-Editing: Assia Piqueras

Director of Photography: Alexandra Sabathé

Sound - Sound Editing: Jérôme Petit

Music: Adam Bernadac

Mixing: Simon Apostolou

Color Grading: Baptiste Evrard

Production: Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts


Festival La Chambre verte, Auteuil, France, 2019

Panorama 20, group exibition, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France, 2017

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