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Documentary I 53' I 2022

The film narrates the incredible research of François Cartault, a pediatrician and geneticist on the island of Réunion. Conducted like a police investigation for over 20 years, his research, both medical and historical, takes us on the paths of the disease of the children of the Moon, deprived of sunlight, and on the traces of slavery in Africa. The film shows how genetics is also an astonishing tracer of the grand history.

Directed and Edited by I Thierry Gentet

Written by I Thierry Gentet and François Cartault

Cinematography by I Alexandra Sabathé

Sound by I Christophe Martin

Production by I Les Films du Sud, Mira Productions, France TV (Réunion la 1ère & Mayotte la 1ère)

Featuring Zoé Van der Waal (the illustrator), Célia Sy Djeelane and Camara-Goulan (the child actors), Tella Kpomahou (the journalist).

Broadcast I Réunion 1ère December 2022

France 3 coming in December 2023

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